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NCAA March Madness 2005

Release Date: 11/16/2004
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EA Sports returns fans to the virtual hardwood with this "2005" edition of its long-running college basketball series. This year's NCAA March Madness offers a revamped Dynasty mode with an in-season recruiting model, and additional "School Spirit" features such as fight songs, crowd chants, and mascots. The game also includes a "College Classics" mode, which lets gamers play famous championship matches of the past. The "Freestyle Control" found in the previous two version of the game also returns, with enhancements for put-backs, tip-ins, and rebounds. Online play is supported through the PS2 Network Adaptor.


    D-Pad Up or Down = highlight menu items
    D-Pad Left or Right = cycle choices, move sliders
    X Button = select, go to next screen
    Triangle Button = return to previous screen


    Left Analog Stick = move player
    R1 Button = turbo sprint
    Circle Button = shoot
    X Button = pass
    Square Button = dunk, lay-up
    L1 Button = back down defender, protect ball
    R2 Button = alley-oop pass
    L2 Button + Square, X, Circle or Triangle Button = direct pass
    D-Pad = call an offensive quick play
    Right Analog Stick Up = EA sports freestyle spin move
    Right Analog Stick Left or Right (toward ball handler's opposite hand) = EA sports freestyle crossover
    R3 Button + Square, X, Circle or Triangle Button = off-ball switch
    Start Button = pause


    Triangle Button = mid-air rebounds
    Square Button = tip-slam
    Circle Button = tip-in


    Left Analog stick = move pass receiver
    X Button = call for pass
    D-Pad = strategic player switch
    L2 Button + Square, X, Circle or Triangle Button = direct player switch


    Left Analog Stick (towards basket) + Circle Button = jump hook
    Left Analog Stick (towards basket) + Square Button = slam dunk
    Left Analog Stick (away from basket) + Circle Button = fade away jump shot
    Triangle Button = power dribble
    Left Analog Stick + L1 Button = spin move from back down


    Circle Button = make the ball handler shoot
    X Button = call for pass from the ball handler
    Square Button = call for dunk, call for lay-up
    L1 Button + Left Analog Stick = post up
    Left Analog Stick = set screen
    R2 Button = call for alley-oop


    Left Analog Stick = move player
    X Button = switch players
    Square Button = steal, dive for loose ball
    Circle or R2 Button = take a charge
    Triangle Button = jump to block or rebound
    L2 Button + Square, X, Circle or Triangle Button = direct player switch
    L2 Button = switch to defender closest to basket
    D-Pad = call an defensive quick play
    Start Button = pause


    Right Analog Stick Left or Right = steal
    Right Analog Stick Down = defensive crouch
    Right Analog Stick Up = hands up ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Release Date: November 16, 2004
  • UPC: 014633148169
  • Product ID: 2490159
  • Genre: Sports

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