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Excite Truck

Release Date: 11/19/2006
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Giving a nostalgic nod to Excitebike and Excitebike 64, Excite Truck features single- or two-player off-road racing on a variety of dirt and gravel courses. Players steer their way into the victory lane by tilting the controller left or right and accelerating with a button. When landing a jump, gamers tilt the Wii Remote forward or backward to keep the wheels in-line with the track. Collecting power-ups scattered along the road will temporarily deform part of the racecourse into a big ramp. As each jump is landed successfully, players are rewarded with short speed boosts. If players crash they are then faced with a quick mini-game requiring them to fill a meter to determine their restarting point on the track. Quick fingers earn a spot close behind the other drivers. Similar to Excitebike, if gamers use their turbo too often, the truck overheats, causing the racer to stop and let things cool down.

    Remote Tilt Left or Right = steer
    Remote Tilt Forward or Backward = point nose of truck up or down while in the air
    Control Pad = turbo
    1 Button = brake, reverse
    2 Button = gas
    + Button = pause ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Release Date: November 19, 2006
  • UPC: 045496900021
  • Product ID: 2656719
  • Genre: Racing

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