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Release Date: 09/02/2008
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FaceBreaker is an over-the-top take on oxing with cartoon-like characters and zany venues. One of the game's signature features is the ability to create custom boxers with faces scanned from a camera peripheral. More than 60 options are available to tailor your on-screen persona, from costumes and body types to hairstyles and skin tones. Created fighters can be uploaded and shared with the FaceBreaker community, with the game supporting up to 40 custom boxers in total. Twelve colorful combatants with such names as Romeo, Ice, Sparrow, and Molotov are available to compete in three main play modes: "Fight," "Brawl for it All," and "Couch Royale." "Fight" is a one-on-one bout against any unlocked fighter, while "Brawl for it All" is a tournament that has you trying to defeat all challengers. "Couch Royale" is a party-style multiplayer contest supporting custom rules. You can also jump online and compete in a choice of ranked and unranked matches against players from around the world. Moves on offense include throws, dashes, and both low and high punches. Defensive options consist of dodges, blocks, and parries. Special moves called "breakers" can also be used against rivals. String together high or low punches to perform a "bonebreaker," or build up the "facebreaker" meter to bruise, batter, and, well, break your rival's mug in an overpowering flurry. Jaw-rattling performances can be saved as highlights, and both trophies and records are memorialized within the game's "Bragging Rights" room.


    Left Analog Stick = move boxer
    Left Analog Stick (flick toward/away from opponent) = dash
    Square Button (Tap) = low jab
    Square Button (Hold Then Release) = low hook
    X Button (Tap) = high jab
    X Button (Hold Then Release) = high hook
    Triangle Button = breakers
    Circle Button = throw
    Square Button (Hold) = dodge high attack
    X Button (Hold) = dodge low attack
    R1 Button + Square Button (Hold) = parry high
    R1 Button + X Button (Hold) = parry low
    L1 Button = taunt
    L1 Button + Square or X Button (Hold) = punk
    L1 Button + Triangle Button = ballbreaker
    Start Button = pause game
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Release Date: September 02, 2008
  • UPC: 014633154139
  • Product ID: 2843026
  • Genre: Sports

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