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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Release Date: 03/31/2009
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Larry Lovage is back and bringing polyester pride to the big screen in Box Office Bust. Introduced in the first latter-day Leisure Suit Larry game, 2004's Magna Cum Laude, Lovage is the nephew of Larry Laffer, the original "Leisure Suit Larry" made famous in Al Lowe's inimitable string of risqué-humor computer adventures created in the late '80s and early '90s. The play style of Box Office Bust is similar to that of Magna Cum Laude. Gamers control young Larry from a third-person 3D perspective, in a relatively large, open setting, where interactions with certain characters and locations begin quest lines and trigger mini-game challenges. Although acing and platforming mini-games may be conquered with good stick handling or the well-timed touch of a button, the adventure game's plot-driven challenges call for clever puzzle-solving and creative thinking. As the cinema-themed story goes, Uncle Larry Laffer finally made good and is the head of his own movie studio, but someone is revealing the deepest secrets on the lot. Young Larry Lovage hires on to do odd jobs, secretly hoping to root out the mole, and ends up uncovering much more than he'd expected. Although its ribald tone may be less overt than that of its immediate predecessor, the game's humor is unapologetically sophomoric and scurrilous, in the mode of films such as Porky's or American Pie. Box Office Bust features the voices of several real-life Hollywood actors and comedians, including +Dave Attell, +Carmen Electra, +Shannon Elizabeth, +Jay Mohr, and +Josh Keaton as Larry. The game's "Director" mode allows players to use the movie lot's sets and actors to stage and shoot their own Leisure Suit Larry movies.


    Left Bumper = 1st-person look
    Right Bumper (Hold) = sprint
    Right Trigger or A Button = jump, attack
    Right Trigger or A Button (Double-Tap) = double jump
    Left Thumbstick = move larry
    Start Button = pause, in-game menu
    X Button (Hold) = block
    B Button = interact with door or object
    Right Thumbstick = move camera
    Right Thumbstick Button = re-centre camera
    A Button + X Button = spinning kick
    A Button + A Button + A Button = punching combo


    Left Bumper = handbrake
    Left Trigger = brake
    Right Trigger or A Button = accelerate
    Left Thumbstick = steer left or right
    Left Thumbstick Button = reset vehicle
    Back Button = change view
    Start Button = pause, in-game menu
    Y Button = horn
    X Button = brake
    B Button = enter or exit vehicle
    Right Thumbstick Button = re-centre camera
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Release Date: March 31, 2009
  • UPC: 767649402717
  • Product ID: 2875853
  • Genre: Adventure

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