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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Release Date: 08/25/2009
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Dissidia Final Fantasy is a PSP-exclusive fighting game featuring heroes and villains from 20 years worth of Final Fantasy titles. Characters can glide through the air, dash across walls, summon Aeons, and perform variants of "limit breaks" and "overdrives" while pummeling their rivals in an assortment of 3D environments. The fighting system was designed by the creators of the Kingdom Hearts series and features an EX gauge that builds with every successful attack. Once filled, characters can transform into powerful alter egos to unleash new forms of attacks. Each combatant will also learn new techniques and acquire more equipment as they gain experience through battles. Both online and Ad-hoc wireless support are included, with the option to trade items like friend cards, AI characters, and more. A total of 22 characters are available to fight as or against, equally divided among good and evil factions.


    L Button = switch menu items, lock or unlock target
    R Button = switch menu items. scan mode, block
    R Button + Square Button = activate ex mode (when ex gauge is full)
    R Button + X Button = dodge
    R Button + Circle Button = summon
    D-Pad = select menu items, move player piece, control camera
    Triangle Button = customize, quick move
    Square Button = read letter, show calender, skill, hp attack
    Circle Button = cancel, bravery attack
    X Button = confirm, jump, recovery, escape banish trap, chase (when shown on-screen), dodge chase attack
    Analog Stick = move character
    Home Button = quit game
    Select Button = switch between customization sets, reset camera position
    Start Button = pause menu
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Release Date: August 25, 2009
  • UPC: 662248909028
  • Product ID: 2897203
  • Genre: Fighting

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