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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Release Date: 03/13/2012
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Anime-focused developer CyberConnect2 continues its fighting-game treatment of the Naruto legends, looking to the past while moving toward the future in Generations. Including characters from both of the previous Ultimate Ninja Storm games, as well as a handful of never-before-playable additions, the game has a roster of 75 fighters, plus 15 support characters. Scaling back on ole-playing elements, the main campaign proceeds through a more streamlined series of ninja fights. Generations also expands on the web-connected features of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Online, players can enter multiplayer tournaments and "endless" battles against all takers, or sit back to watch other Generations gamers fight it out. Built-in chat features allow for instant communication, in the online lobby or in the heat of one-on-one combat. Players are represented in the game through an avatar system, tied to collectable "Ninja Info" cards they can use to customize their online presence and bolster the abilities of support characters. The game features over an hour of original animated content from Studio Pierrot, offering new perspectives on events from both volumes of the popular cartoon series.


    Left Thumbstick/D-Pad = navigate menu
    A Button = select menu item
    B Button = previous screen


    Left Thumbstick = move
    Left Thumbstick While On Ground = get up
    Right Trigger = guard
    Left Trigger When Attacked = substitution jutsu
    B Button = strike attack
    Press B Button Repeatedly = combo
    B Button While Guarding = throw
    Attack Guarding Enemy Repeatedly = guard break
    X Button = shuriken
    Press X Button Repeatedly = shuriken
    A Button = jump
    A Button While Jumping = ninja move
    Hold A Button = continuous movement
    A Button, A Button Quickly = ninja dash
    A Button in Air, at Apex of Throw, or Upon Hitting the Ground = rebound
    Hold Y Button = chakra charge
    Y Button = chakra load
    B Button After Chakra Load = chakra shuriken
    A Button After Chakra Load = chakra dash
    Move Left Thumbstick Away from Opponent + A Button After Chakra Load = chakra back dash
    Y Button, A Button During Combo = combo cancel
    B Button After Chakra Load = ninjutsu
    Y Button, Y Button = ultimate jutsu chakra load
    B Button After Ultimate Jutsu Chakra Load = ultimate jutsu
    When Health Drops Low Enough, Refill Chakra and Hold Y Button = awakening
    D-Pad = use battle items
    Left Bumper or Right Bumper = support ninjutsu
    Y Button, Y Button, Y Button = team ultimate jutsu chakra load
    Y Button, Y Button, Y Button, B Button = team ultimate jutsu
    Start Button = start menu/open pause menu
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Release Date: March 13, 2012
  • UPC: 722674210546
  • Product ID: 3027890
  • Genre: Fighting

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