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Ninja Gaiden 3

Release Date: 03/20/2012
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Ryu Hayabusa returns for more blood-spraying, limb-lopping combat for this third entry in Tecmo Koei's frenetic action series. A group of terrorists led by a mysteriously masked alchemist has seized England's prime minister, but he's not really who they want. Instead they have targeted Hayabusa himself, knowing he will come to London to rescue their high-profile hostage. The leader, known as the Regent of the Mask, has a devious plan for Hayabusa: infecting him with a curse in which the blood of his victims surges through his body, slowly killing him unless he keeps fighting. Fortunately, the master ninja has a few new techniques in his arsenal, from high-diving toward enemies to scaling structures using the kunai. Hayabusa can also perform slides to avoid encounters or to stun enemies, allowing him to follow up with deadly combination attacks. In addition to the single-player campaign, Ninja Gaiden 3 includes cooperative play with the Ninja Trials mode, where you and a friend must work together in special team missions designed to test your skills. Online play is also supported in Clan Battles, where you'll challenge rival ninjas from around the world to earn experience and unlock various customization options.


    Left Trigger = block
    Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick = slide
    Left Bumper = aim
    Left Thumbstick = move character
    Back Button = techniques
    D-Pad = move cursor
    Right Thumbstick = control camera
    Right Thumbstick While Aiming = move reticle
    Hold Right Thumbstick Button = detect route
    Right Thumbstick Button While Aiming = zoom
    A Button = jump
    X Button = quick attack
    B Button = shuriken
    Y Button = strong attack
    Y Button + B Button = ninpo
    Right Bumper = center camera
    Right Trigger = shoot
    Start Button = pause menu
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Release Date: March 20, 2012
  • UPC: 040198002172
  • Product ID: 3034219
  • Genre: Action

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