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Sleeping Dogs

Release Date: 08/14/2012
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Sleeping Dogs has players exploring the crowded streets of Hong Kong while working as undercover officer Wei Shen. Shen's objective is to learn more about the Triad crime syndicate, which means doing whatever it takes to earn the trust of those in power. Shen's moral choices throughout his exploits will affect how is viewed by the locals and shape the storyline. The action in Sleeping Dogs takes place from a third-person perspective as players use martial arts, guns, vehicles, or even the environment to take out rivals. Sleeping Dogs was originally developed as "True Crime: Hong Kong" before switching publishers.


    Left Bumper = cover
    Left Trigger = aim weapon
    Left Thumbstick = movement/cycle objectives
    D-Pad Up = open phone
    D-Pad Down = equip/stow
    Hold D-Pad Down = drop weapon
    Right Trigger = shoot/throw melee weapon
    Right Bumper = reload/pick up/equip weapon
    Y Button = counter/social, use prop, enter vehicle
    B Button = grab
    Hold B Button = pick up character off ground
    A Button = vault
    Hold A Button = sprint
    X Button = light strike
    Hold X Button = heavy strike
    Right Thumbstick = rotate camera/target switch
    Back Button = map
    Start Button = pause


    Back Button = map
    Start Button = pause
    Left Trigger = brake/reverse
    Left Bumper = aim weapon
    Right Bumper = shoot
    Right Trigger = accelerate
    Left Thumbstick = steer
    D-Pad Up = phone
    D-Pad Right = radio stations
    Right Thumbstick = orbit camera/horn/siren
    X Button = ram attack
    Hold A Button = action hijack
    B Button = emergency brake
    Y Button = exit vehicle
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Release Date: August 14, 2012
  • UPC: 662248912097
  • Product ID: 3094100
  • Genre: Action

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