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Wicked City [Widescreen]

Format: DVD     Release Date: 03/30/1999
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Peter Mak Tai-kit spins this exuberant, visually dense adaptation from the popular similarly named Japanese anime. The film is set in a world where shape-shifting alien creatures known as Raptors have infiltrated human society. To deal with this problem, Hong Kong has fashioned a secret government task force aptly known as the Anti-Raptor Bureau, recruiting young talent with telekinetic abilities such as Taki (Leon Lai Ming) and Ken (Jacky Cheung Hok-yau). The bureau's current interest is in Japanese billionaire Daishu (played by Japanese screen legend Tatsuya Nakadai, who spends much of the film looking like he is going to kill his agent) who they figure is well over 150 years old and a likely Raptor. For his part, Daishu preaches peaceful co-habitation with humans. His deranged son, Shudo (Roy Cheung Yiu-yueng), on the other hand, espouses the wholesale destruction of the human race. Of course, the presence of a mysterious drug called Happiness, which gives Raptors fantastic strength and a hair-trigger temper, is not helping the cause of the peacemakers. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter Selection

0. Chapter Selection
1. Main title; Expensive reptoid [7:51]
2. Hong Kong [3:14]
3. More victims in the kitchen [9:27]
4. Reptoid tricks [12:11]
5. The electricity of love [4:36]
6. Captured [3:04]
7. The pinball wizard [10:20]
8. Hospital check-out [4:55]
9. Using the power [9:21]
10. Love in an elevator [6:34]
11. Transformation [14:16]
12. End credits [1:11]
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: March 30, 1999
  • MPAA Rating: NR
  • Region: 1
  • Studio: Image Entertainment
  • Length: 87 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby Digital w/ sub-woofer channel (5.1), Monaural
  • Format: Wide Screen Enhanced (16x9)
  • Discs: 1
  • Languages: English, Cantonese
  • Subtitles: English, Cantonese
  • UPC: 014381466423
  • Product ID: 1014486
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction

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