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Rush [Widescreen]

Format: DVD     Release Date: 12/03/2002
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Based on a gritty, semi-autobiographical novel by author Kim Wozencraft, this crime thriller was adapted for the screen by noir novelist Pete Dexter and marked the directorial debut of producer Lili Fini Zanuck. Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Kristen Cates, a rookie police officer recruited to partner with Jim Raynor (Jason Patric), an undercover Texas cop trying to infiltrate the criminal ring of major drug dealer Will Gaines (Gregg Allman) in the 1970s. What Kristen isn't told is that, as part of his deep cover masquerade, Jim must take drugs in order to be convincing and, unsurprisingly, has become an addict. Although this dangerous practice is not acceptable police procedure, Jim and Kristen's zealous superiors Larry Dodd (Sam Elliott) and Donald Nettle (Tony Frank) are obsessed with taking Gaines down because he has corrupted the daughter of a prominent local citizen. Jim and Kristen, who fall in love and move in together, befriend a petty car thief, Walker (Max Perlich), who has ties to Gaines. Since they both become drug addicts, Jim and Kristen's case makes little progress, until they clean up and convince Walker to turn on Gaines. Their investigation becomes tainted, however, when they are pressured from above to manufacture false evidence against their target. The soundtrack for Rushcontained the hit song &"Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Side #1 --

1. Main Title/The End of '74 [4:06]
2. A Virgin Partner [6:51]
3. The Rules of the Game [5:25]
4. The Cover Story [5:58]
5. Kristen's First Time [7:19]
6. He Wants to Watch [6:02]
7. Liking It Too Much [4:10]
8. It's Just Business [7:56]
9. "What's That Make Me?" [8:31]
10. All Walker's Friends [4:50]
11. 100 Little Pills [5:51]
12. "There's Gotta Be More" [7:05]
13. Jim's Out [10:42]
14. Praying Through Rough Times [5:04]
15. The Case Against Gaines [6:13]
16. Who's the Dead Man? [2:51]
17. A Commendable Performance [5:29]
18. Shot Out [6:16]
19. Trial By Perjury [4:38]
20. End Credits [4:34]
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: December 03, 2002
  • MPAA Rating: R
  • Region: 1
  • Studio: MGM
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Format: Wide Screen Enhanced (16x9)
  • Discs: 1
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • UPC: 027616881427
  • Product ID: 2191381
  • Genre: Drama

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