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Daryl Hall-Sacred Songs [Japan] [Remastered] [Limited Edition]

Daryl Hall

Sacred Songs [Japan] [Remastered] [Limited Edition]

Release Date: 03/19/2002
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In what must be the most bizarre coupling ever, Hall is accompanied by none other than King Crimson figurehead Robert Fripp on production and, of course, on guitar. This record suffered at the hands of record company mismanagement. Originally recorded in 1977, Sacred Songs wasn't granted a release until 1980. RCA worried about Hall's lack of commercial vision. However, Hall and Fripp's creativity strangely works. Sure, there are pieces that wouldn't do as singles, but for an album regarded as being so uncommercial, there are plenty that could have been: the wacky title song, "Something in 4/4 Time," "Farther Away," and "Why Was It So Easy" (the latter being one of Hall's best allads). Most bonkers of all is "Babs and Babs," a straight-ahead Daryl Hall track, until a Fripp soundscape kicks in from nowhere! Fripp's own "Urban Landscape" shows him having withdrawal symptoms from Bowie's infamous Heroes sessions. The onward march of studio technology means that the sound here is slightly dated. Still, it's a must-have purchase, ending with another killer allad, "Without Tears" -- Earth magic indeed. [The 2002 Japanese release is missing "You Burn Me Up, I'm a Cigarette" and "North Star."] ~ Kelvin Hayes, Rovi

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