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Pete Yorn

Day I Forgot

Release Date: 02/01/2008
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    Track Title


  1. Intro :47
  2. Come Back Home 3:24
  3. Crystal Village 3:46
  4. Carlos (Don't Let It Go to Your Head) 3:29
  5. Pass Me By 3:51
  6. Committed 3:29
  7. Long Way Down 3:38
  8. When You See the Light 2:43
  9. Turn of the Century 3:03
  10. Burrito 2:45
  11. Man in Uniform 2:41
  12. All at Once 8:57
  13. [Silence] 4:53
  14. So Much Work 4:49

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Pete Yorn's 2001 debut, Musicforthemorningafter, was its seamless combination of quirky, Brit-pop-influenced production and rootsy, tuneful songwriting. Day I Forgot, Yorn's sophomore effort, scales back the Smiths-influenced guitar work, scratchy-old-record sound effects, and delicate acoustic balladry in favor of a more straightforward approach. After the unnecessary 47-second opener, "Intro," Day I Forgot buds off to an impressive start with "Come Back Home" and "Crystal Village," a pair of the upbeat yet desperate rockers that will remind Yorn's audience why they started listening to his work. Unfortunately, the pace slackens with "Carlos (Don't Let It Go to Your Head)," which is dominated by an overblown, rudimentary guitar riff and for the most part unintelligible lyrics instead of Yorn's traditional mark-up, catchy melodies and emotive vocals. The rest of the album is comprised of well-crafted, earnest, midtempo numbers that, while certainly above average as a whole, tend to blend together. Luckily, Yorn throws in a wild card just as Day I Forgot threatens to coast to an agreeable yet lackluster conclusion. "Burrito"'s lyrics are undeniably goofy, but Yorn pulls them off by pairing them with fierce guitar work and an infectious, urgent chorus. It's the most unabashedly energetic (and fun) song of the set, and stands out in much the same way that "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)" did on Yorn's previous release. Ultimately, Day I Forgot lacks the emotional poignancy and experimental sonic character present on every track of Musicforthemorningafter, which was so intricately detailed that repeated listens were not only rewarding, but mandatory. However, it's hardly a disappointment. Enough quality material is present to keep Yorn near the top of the list of ock's up and coming singer/songwriters. But while fans were more than happy to spend two years listening to Musicforthemorningafter while waiting for his follow-up, they may have trouble spending that much time with Day I Forgot before his next release. ~ Mark Vanderhoff, Rovi

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