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Live from the Sun [CD & DVD]

Release Date: 10/07/2003
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    Track Title


  1. Erase the Slate 4:20
  2. Kiss of Death 5:22
  3. Into the Fire 5:33
  4. Maddest Hatter 5:01
  5. Too High to Fly 13:50
  6. Breaking the Chains 4:08
  7. Alone Again 6:49
  8. It's Not Love 9:10
  9. Tooth and Nail 4:39
  10. In My Dreams 6:10
  11. Erase the Slate [DVD]
  12. Kiss of Death [DVD]
  13. Into the Fire [DVD]
  14. Maddest Hatter [DVD]
  15. Too High to Fly [DVD]
  16. Breaking the Chains [DVD]
  17. Alone Again [DVD]
  18. It's Not Love [DVD]
  19. Tooth and Nail [DVD]
  20. In My Dreams [DVD]

Follow this for a second. This is a 2003 reissue of a 2000 release of a concert that was performed in 1999. However, this version of the release is a two-disc set that features the audio recording on one disc and a DVD video of the concert on the second. Former Winger axe slinger Reb Beach proves himself up to the task of filling the large shoes left by former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. It's not exactly the most accurate snapshot of Dokken as a band, nor does it sound like it. This one is for dedicated fans only. ~ Rob Theakston, Rovi

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