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Libra Scale [Deluxe Edition]

Release Date: 11/22/2010
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    Track Title


  1. Champagne Life 5:23
  2. Makin' a Movie 3:52
  3. Know Your Name 4:07
  4. Telekinesis 4:22
  5. Crazy Love 3:50
  6. One in a Million 4:03
  7. Genuine Only 3:56
  8. Cause I Said So 3:49
  9. Beautiful Monster 4:11
  10. What Have I Done? 3:51
  11. [Untitled]
  12. Libra Scale
  13. Beautiful Monster
  14. Champagne Life
  15. One In A Million

Going by this high-concept return, it’s apparent that Ne-Yo was not strictly invested in the output of others -- Rihanna, Raheem DeVaughn, Monica, Rick Ross, and Fantasia, to name a few -- after the release of Year of the Gentleman. Although Libra Scale sounds like a natural extension of the singer/songwriter’s three-album 2006-2008 run, its germination started with a short story, which inspired the ten songs. Some of the details were revealed in the videos for the singles, as well as the album’s booklet, containing a comic put together with living legend Stan Lee. Disregard the dressing, and Libra Scale can be heard as a standard Ne-Yo album. It does not sound like a soundtrack for a story about three garbage men who must protect their city -- there are no character themes, likely for the better -- but one can hear most of the material being expressed by the protagonist as he lives it up, develops a relationship, and deals with the consequences. Most of Libra Scale consists of Ne-Yo's typical modern uptown RB, with the relaxed, upscale party anthem “Champagne Life,” the sweet devotional “One in a Million,” and the private-reflecting-pond ballad “What Have I Done?” the standouts. “Beautiful Monster,” a Euro-flavored dance-pop single full of drama, is the only song that sounds out of place (and it stalled in the 60s of the Billboard RB chart). The level of sophistication -- arrangements with subtle details, the frequency of slow tempos, a couple well-trodden motifs -- lends itself to a couple tepid tunes, but Ne-Yo remains a premier source of RB that is both traditional and contemporary. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

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