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Parklive [4CD/1DVD] [Deluxe Edition] [Box] [Limited Edition]

Release Date: 12/18/2012
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    Track Title


  1. Girls & Boys 5:10
  2. London Loves 3:32
  3. Tracy Jacks 4:27
  4. Jubilee 2:43
  5. Beetlebum 5:54
  6. Coffee & TV 4:57
  7. Out of Time 4:42
  8. Young and Lovely 5:07
  9. Trimm Trabb 5:28
  10. Caramel 5:04
  11. Sunday Sunday 3:34
  12. Country House 4:28
  13. Parklife 3:46
  14. Colin Zeal 3:18
  15. Popscene 3:50
  16. Advert 4:31
  17. Song 2 2:50
  18. No Distance Left to Run 3:57
  19. Tender 9:09
  20. This is a Low 5:13
  21. Sing 6:19
  22. Under the Westway/Intermission 6:04
  23. End of a Century 3:39
  24. For Tomorrow 6:42
  25. The Universal 5:51
  26. Under the Westway [Live from 13 - Matt Butcher Mix] 4:21
  27. The Puritan [Live from 13 - Matt Butcher Mix] 3:16
  28. Mr Briggs [BBC Maida Vale Session] 3:30
  29. London Loves [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 3:40
  30. Young and Lovely [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 4:38
  31. Colin Zeal [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 3:09
  32. The Puritan [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 3:47
  33. No Distance Left to Run [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 3:51
  34. This is a Low [Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 06.08.2012] 6:57
  35. Girls & Boys 5:33
  36. Jubilee 3:04
  37. Beetlebum 5:54
  38. Young and Lovely 5:14
  39. Colin Zeal 3:38
  40. Oily Water 4:29
  41. Advert 3:23
  42. Bugman 3:24
  43. The Puritan 4:14
  44. Trimm Trabb 5:52
  45. For Tomorrow 4:52
  46. Under the Westway/Intermission 6:28
  47. Girls & Boys
  48. London Loves
  49. Tracy Jacks
  50. Jubilee
  51. Beetlebum
  52. Coffee & TV
  53. Out of Time
  54. Young and Lovely
  55. Trimm Trabb
  56. Caramel
  57. Sunday Sunday
  58. Country House
  59. Parklife
  60. Colin Zeal
  61. Popscene
  62. Advert
  63. Song 2
  64. No Distance Left To Run
  65. Tender
  66. This is a Low
  67. Sing
  68. Under the Westway
  69. Intermission
  70. End of a Century
  71. For Tomorrow
  72. The Universal
  73. Under the Westway [Live Video]
  74. The Puritan [Live Video]
  75. Under the Westway [Live Video]
  76. The Puritan [Lyric Video]
  77. Under the Westway [Lyric Video]

Blur headlined a Brit-pop blowout at Hyde Park on the final day of the London 2012 Olympic games, a concert that not so coincidentally also capped off a flurry of Blur-related activity. The band celebrated its 21st anniversary in grand fashion, reissuing its catalog as deluxe double-disc sets, boxing these deluxe editions in a mammoth rarities-laden box set called Blur 21, releasing a good reunion single in "Under the Westway"/"The Puritan," and, finally, performing this concert, releasing it digitally the following week as the double-album Parklive (which is due to be expanded into a five-CD box later in the year). Given the amount of time the reunited Blur spent trawling through their back pages, it's not much of a surprise that the set list of Parklive is constructed as a chronicle of their past, one that touches lightly on their beginnings and end -- there's one song apiece from Leisure and Think Tank -- one that accentuates two through-lines in their history: the churning, darkly psychedelic art rock band and the proudly patriotic, albeit wildly sardonic, British pop group. Considering the occasion, Blur serve up plenty of the former, playing roughly half of Parklife -- Phil Daniels himself comes out to bark out the title track -- and have fun digging deep, playing "London Loves," which has rarely ever been played on-stage. This isn't the only rarity here -- they haul out the Modern Life Is Rubbish B-side "Young and Lovely," which Damon Albarn introduces with a preamble dedicating it to the band's children, an acknowledgment of Blur's advancing years, a subject he also alludes to by changing a lyric on "End of a Century" to "as you get closer to 50." Blur are indeed now 20 years on from their '90s peak and it's evident in the music: where they were once frenetic they are now muscular and Albarn's ambition has mellowed into a quiet confidence. The passing of time has only increased Blur's stature as a British treasure and this is a concert that suits their status: it's crowd-pleasing without pandering, the knotty "Caramel" and "Trimm Trabb" fitting neatly next to "Sunday Sunday," the new "Under the Westway" gaining resonance when placed near "Sing" and "For Tomorrow." The latter is just enough to suggest that Blur could continue to build upon their legacy, but if this turns out to be a farewell, it is one that is triumphant. [A four-CD/one-DVD Deluxe Edition was released in 2012.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

  • Format: CD
  • Release Date: 12/18/2012
  • Record Label: Virgin
  • UPC: 5099972378922
  • Product ID: 3098867

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