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Front Mission Evolved

Release Date: 09/28/2010
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Players pilot giant walking "Wanzer" war vehicles into futuristic battle in Front Mission Evolved, the fourth game in the Square-Enix series to reach North American consoles. The title's "evolution" from previous Front Mission games marks a major switch in playing style, from turn-based tactical combat to fast-paced third-person shooting. Missions are set in sprawling urban environments, where collateral damage can be a factor. As they gain experience and treasure by accomplishing objectives, players can purchase custom improvements for their Wanzer walkers. A bullet-time styled feature allows players to temporarily slow the action down, for super-accurate, high-velocity shooting against multiple targets. Set in the second half of the 22nd century, the game's sci-fi plot involves sabotage of an orbital elevator and the international adversities that follow. Players take the role of a mechanic named Dylan Ramsey, who runs into some trouble with authorities and is forced to join the military. While he may not be the most willing soldier at the start, the know-how to fix damaged mechs in the field comes in handy. In some sequences, Dylan must leave his Wanzer, and play continues with him on foot as he enters buildings and other interior locations to complete mission objectives. Unlike earlier games in the series, Front Mission Evolved was developed by third-party studio Double Helix, a division of the Foundation 9 group whose previous work includes G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.



    Left Analog Stick = movement
    Right Analog Stick = camera, aim
    X Button = jump
    X Button + X Button = hover
    Circle Button = use backpack
    Square Button = dodge
    Triangle Button = toggle e.d.g.e. mode (only in single player)
    L1 Button = fire left shoulder weapon
    L2 Button = fire left hand weapon
    R1 Button = fire right shoulder weapon
    R2 Button = fire right hand weapon
    L3 Button = toggle a.g.i.l.e. skaiting
    R3 Button = precision aim
    Start Button = pause


    Left Analog Stick = movement
    Right Analog Stick = camera, aim
    X Button = dive roll
    Circle Button = toggle between crouch or stand
    Square Button = reload weapon
    Triangle Button = switch weapons, interact
    L2 Button = precision aim
    R1 Button = throw grenade
    R2 Button = fire weapon
    L3 Button = sprint
    R3 Button = melee attack
    Start Button = pause
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Release Date: September 28, 2010
  • UPC: 662248909134
  • Product ID: 2919978
  • Genre: Shooter

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